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As spring begins and summer is right around the corner, we begin thinking of our summer plans, vacations, and maybe even holiday travel. The challenge in recent years is the fact that summer and holiday space tend to book well in advance of past booking habits. That being said, there’s still time to find great places to visit this year. Now is also a great time to look at “shoulder” seasons (shoulder season is the time right before and right after normally popular travel seasons). Traveling in shoulder seasons offers many great benefits and experiences. The weather is generally still quite good, some places even a bit better. Have you been to Europe in summer the past few years? It’s been pretty warm. April, May, September, and October usually have wonderful weather and far fewer crowds. With the increased popularity of shoulder season, we may not see fewer travelers in the future, so now’s the time to go!

Speaking of planning ahead, we’re still seeing many people looking far into 2025 and 2026. While that may seem far away, it’s worth checking now. We don’t want to find that your favorite room at a resort is already booked, or your preferred cruise ship category already filled. Aside from the benefit of knowing you have your preferred room or cabin category booked, it gives you even more time to look forward to a great vacation. It’s not uncommon to have two, three, or even four (or more) upcoming trips booked.

I’m sure you have heard many different changes and updates from airlines in recent months. As this area is currently very fluid, please rest assured that we are doing all we can to continue to stay ahead of the curve, offer you the best, and update our tools and systems as the ever-changing air travel environment continues to move into the future.

Thank you for your time reading this quarter’s newsletter, thank you for working with us, and thank you for depending on us to provide you with some of the most exceptional travel experiences available. If there’s anything you need or any questions you have, our team and I remain at your disposal. Happy spring!

Steve Orens, Senior Vice President, US Branch Operations - Western Region, FROSCH
Steve Orens

Steve Orens
Senior Vice President, US Branch Operations -
Western Region


Where We've Been Lately

Read about where we've been lately / Image: Iceberg in Antarctica

In our second newsletter of the year, we're
excited to share some of the amazing travel
experiences we've had recently – a 14-
night expedition voyage to Antarctica, a
Northern Europe river cruise, and a
Caribbean cruise on a new luxury cruise
line. Check out our photos and read our
stories to get inspiration for your next

What comes to mind when you think of
Greece? Maybe Santorini's iconic blue
domes and white houses, the acropolis in
Athens, the blue waters of the Aegean and
Ionian seas, or the windmills of Mykonos.
There is so much to do and see, even
beyond the top sights. Dig deeper with one
of our travel advisors who lives and hosts
retreats in Greece!

Destination Spotlight: Greece / Image: White flowers against white buildings and blue sky in Santorini, Greece

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Each year FROSCH invites some of our top luxury travel advisors to a 3-day immersive
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the scenes.

15 Inspiring Images from Our Travels

15 Inspiring Images from Our Travels

Looking for more travel inspiration? Check
out some stunning images from our travels
around the globe – from African safaris and
majestic fjords to faraway islands and
sacred temples. These photos are sure to
spark your wanderlust!

Fun Travel Fact
Did you know that Alaska is technically both the westernmost and easternmost state in the
US? One of Alaska's Aleutian Islands crosses the 180º Meridian into the eastern hemisphere!

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