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Summer is in full swing, which means fall and the holidays are right around the corner. Festive season continues to be a very popular time to travel. Whether it’s exploring Christmas markets in Europe, visiting iconic holiday locations like Rockefeller Center in NYC, or enjoying a beach in Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean, now is the time to plan and secure space at your favorite resort. Many people enjoy the same special holiday spots (and special memories) every year. Some of the allure of holiday travel lies not only in the destination, but also in the shared memories and experiences with family and friends that will last a lifetime.

As you start planning next year’s trips or bucket list destination, I’d suggest looking at 2024’s top places. Some of the most popular destinations we’ve booked this year include Japan, Portugal, Africa, and Italy (with extra interest in the Dolomites). Interest in Antarctica and Arctic cruises has also increased this year and many new expedition ships have started sailing in the last few years. These ships offer more in-depth exploration in some amazing destinations, as well as unique ways to enjoy the destinations, all with a new level of luxury to enhance your travel experiences.

Yes, travel is still busy and gets busier all the time. With summer and the 4th of July holiday being one of the busiest times at airports, we find many clients enjoying what used to be called “shoulder season,” the time just before and after peak periods. While peak seasons remain busy, we are seeing more people travel during months that were previously considered off-peak since they can benefit from slightly lower prices and far fewer crowds. You can even find ocean cruises in Europe this winter.

Enjoy this quarter’s newsletter. We do our best to share insights, experiences, and guidance to spark your interest in travel and the world. We hope you enjoy our contributions.

Steve Orens
Steve Orens

Steve Orens
Senior Vice President
US Branch Operations - Western Region

Where We've Been Lately

Where We've Been Lately

In our third newsletter of the year, we're
excited to share some of our team's
most recent travel experiences – eight
amazing days in Costa Rica and
Nicaragua, a 16-day Japan cruise in
spring, and a few relaxing nights in
Punta de Mita, Mexico. Check out our
photos and read our stories to get
inspiration for your next vacation!

Top 3 Travel Tips
Check out our top 3 expert tips to help enhance your travel experiences and
ensure stress-free adventures!


Global Gatherings
Exploring the World’s Festivals, Events & More

Every year, travelers around the world
eagerly attend global events such as
music festivals and concerts, sporting
events, cultural celebrations, and so
much more. Whether it's the
excitement of experiencing natural
phenomena or engaging with diverse
cultures, these events offer memorable
experiences and connections with
people worldwide.

Global Gatherings: Exploring the World�s Festivals, Events & More
Destination Spotlight: Portugal

Portugal has stood out as a highly
sought-after travel destination this year.
And it's no wonder why with its blend of
historic cities, renowned wine regions,
and beautiful beaches! Steve Orens
recently returned from a trip to Portugal
where he got to visit Lisbon, Porto, and
the Douro Valley. Check out Steve's trip
highlights to see why we're currently
loving Portugal.

Fun Travel Fact
Did you know that the world's oldest bookstore is in Lisbon? Livraria Bertrand
opened in Portugal in 1732 and holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest
bookstore still in operation.

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